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Two years full time MBA program is offered by Bhubaneswar Engineering College. The MBA is the world’s most popular graduate management degree. Employers love it and students can’t get enough of it. Thousands of ambitious professionals apply to different types of MBA program each year.

As a generalist degree, the MBA gives you fundamental management knowledge, meaning you’ll get a holistic view of business across areas like marketing, finance, and accounting, all while developing those vital soft skills and leadership skills.

Future and Scope

Masters in Business Administration offers various areas of specialization like Management, Finances, Operations, Hotel Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, Information, and Technology. A career in MBA is progressive and brings with it many perks. MBA is considered a globally renowned and highly reputable career. There is also high competition in this field with being in high demand. Not only does MBA increase your brand value before hiring managers, but it also sets in motion an enriching, advanced, and stable future. However, your salary also depends on the college you graduate from.

Faculty Members

SL Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Mrs.L T Mishra HOD M.Tech,MBA Accounting
2 A Dash Asst. Professor MBA MIS
3 Mr.Abhaya Satpathy Asst. Professor MBA,Ph.D
4 Mr.Ashish Kumar Behera Sr. Lecturer Msc.,MBA
5 Mr.Samir Bag Sr. Lecturer MBA
6 Mr.Subrat Sahoo Asst. Professor MBA
7 Mr.Sanjeeb Ray Asst. Professor Msc.,MBA
8 Mrs.Sasmita Biswal Asst.Professor MBA