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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering is concerned with planning, designing, constructing, and operating various physical works; developing and utilizing natural resources in an environmentally sound manner; providing the infrastructure which supports the highest quality of life in the history of the world; and protecting public health and renovating impacted terrestrial and aquatic systems from the mismanagement of toxic and hazardous waste.

Environmental engineers use principles of engineering, chemistry, and biology to develop technical solutions to provide safe water, sanitation, and clean air.

Future and Scope

Environmental Engineering is a newly emerging discipline with brilliant opportunities. Pollution is increasing drastically and as an environmental engineer, you will be conducting various research and development activities to cover and decrease the threat of environmental pollution. By combining various methods of engineering with science, you will be improving the quality of water, land, and air while providing a healthy environment for human existence.

Faculty Members

SL Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Er.S B Das Sr. Lecturer M.Tech Material Transportation
2 Er.S Mishra Sr. Lecturer M.Tech
3 Er.S Das Sr. Lecturer M.Tech