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Electrical and Computer Engineering

In addition to B.Tech in Electrical Engineering the new branch electrical and computer engineering has been introduced in the year 2020, which includes program educational objectives for both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering program of study. These branches are forefront of practical technology.

Electrical engineers and computer engineers work at the frontier of high technology and are involved in research, the creation of new ideas, the design and development of new products and technologies, manufacturing and marketing activities.

Future and Scope

Aspirants pursuing BTech electronics and computer engineering have a lot of scope in diverse industries. These graduates can work in both private and public organizations in the fields of design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of electronics equipment and practices. The career outlook is great for electrical, computer, software, and cyber security engineers, too. Electrical engineering and computer engineering are some of the fastest growing career fields in the world.

Faculty Members

SL Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Er.S Nanda Asst. Professor M.Tech
2 Er.N Sahoo Sr. Lecturer M.Tech Power System Control