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Computer Science & Engg.(Data Science)

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering (CSD) is a four year Program which leads to specialization in Data Science. The Data Science, basically is a combination of important domains namely Mathematics, Computer Programming, Statistics and Design which is applied in order to successfully manage Digital Data. The Program offered is a modern pedagogy designed to meet the global demand for qualified Data Scientists.

B. Tech in Computer Engineering with specialisation in Data Science (DS) is a new, exponentially growing field which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. The programe encompasses data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems.

Future and Scope

Data Science is a buzzword in the technology world right now and for good reason, it represents a major step forward in how computers can learn. The need for Data Scientists are high in demand and this surge is due to evolving technology and generation of huge amounts of data aka Big Data.

For professionals in this domain for Database Administrators, Data Architects, Data Visualizers, Data Engineers, Data Ecologists, Data Science Consultant, Financial Modeler, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analyst, Data Technologies Specialist.

Faculty Members

SL Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Er.M Swain Asst. Professor M.Tech,Ph.D
2 Er.G Khatoi Sr. Lecturer M.Tech
3 Er.D Pratihari Sr. Lecturer M.Tech
4 Er.P Puhan Sr. Lecturer M.Tech