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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

AME course is an international course related to the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of the difficulties faced in the aircraft. Approval from a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is mandatory to take off the aircraft. The growth of aviation can be considered by the incredible increase in air traffic. This is the foremost time for the student who is looking forward to making their aspiring careers in the aviation industry. This course contains 4-year academic colander affiliated to BPUT and approved by the AICTE, Govt. of India.

Future and Scope

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope in India is rising day by day, due to the expansion of the aviation sector, the need for highly trained Aircraft Maintenance engineers has increased enormously. Hence, the scope of career as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also rising as India is in the race to become the 3rd largest in the aviation sector which is a great achievement for a country. According to DGCA, at least 7,54,00 Licensed AME are required worldwide. There is already a shortage of AME in the World, so an AME can make his/her career in India and abroad as well. The UDAN scheme is giving a boost to the AME career. UDAN Scheme makes airfare affordable for common people to travel through.

Faculty Members

SL Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Er.R Sahu Sr. Lecturer M.Tech Fluid mechanics
2 Er.S Jena Sr. Lecturer M.Tech
3 Er.N Tripathy Sr. Lecturer M.Tech
4 Er.Suraj Kumar Sahoo Sr. Lecturer M.Tech Aerodynamics